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Help Desk Technician jobs 2020

The Desktop Technician - IT guarantees end-client fulfillment and specialized/operational soundness all through the association by overseeing customer frameworks and advancements in help the figuring needs of the association. 

help desk technician  responsibilities 


Give both on location and distant specialized help for Warehouse work force and frameworks. Heighten issues to proper care groups, as required. 

Backing all equipment, programming, and versatile innovation issues. Perform issue assurance and goal as required. 

Oversee issues/demands by means of Help Desk tagging programming (TrackIT) 

Equipment establishment and investigating 

RF Guns, Zebra printers 

Introduce and look after PC/PC and neighborhood/network printers 

Backing PC moves, include and changes; PC arrangement for recently recruited employees and programming preparing 

Make documentation for programming establishment, updates and fix 

Organization (wired and remote) contact and backing 

Screen and effectively analyze/explain network issues 

Oversee remote gadgets 


1-3 years of involvement in an accentuation on work area side help 

Shown involvement in Windows working frameworks (Windows 7) and Office set-up of items 

Knowledge of Help Desk tagging programming 

Information on Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange 2007/2010 

Magnificent comprehension of TCP/IP, VPN, DNS, DHCP, FTP and SMTP 

Magnificent Understanding of Networking advances, for example, Cisco experience an or more 

Information on Linux framework organization is an or more 

Capacity to oversee Tape Backup for Server Farm is an or more 

Exhibited involvement with a Warehouse/Retail condition liked


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